Little bit of a rant incoming, and if you’re American, please, don’t take this completely to heart. This isn’t really complaining about anybody that lives in the States, or really the country in general. Just some things I find really odd. The US is one of my favourite countries, and the only country I’ve actually been to outside of Canada. Some of my favourite people, places, and things, are American, and I myself am half-american, with my mom having grown up in Seattle.

With that over with, let’s talk about good ol ‘Murica, and some things I just found really odd. Especially when it comes to politics.

Main thing, American exceptionalism and blind patriotism, this is extremely prevalent and I just don’t get it. I’m a really big fan of Canada, as you can tell, but I’m not blind to the fact other countries exist. My country has flaws, a fuckton of them, and I really hate it when people (especially political leaders, looking at you Harper.) just ignore all the problems going on in the country and tout it as the greatest country on Earth. This is a thing which seems to happen the most in America. It seems a lot of the American mindset is centred around that they’re the epos of the world, and they’re the absolute bestest country to ever exist and that everything is perfect. It sure as fuck isn’t.

Also, it seems this mindset has also created a hivemind of people flat out refusing to have the country change, even it’s for the obvious greater good. Now, I will leave out some of my stances on more sensitive issues, and let’s talk about something literally almost worthless. The penny.

John Oliver is my spirit animal, if you can’t tell.

It absolutely baffles me that there are people, so defiantly campaigning for something that is generally seen as a nuissance, and actually winning. You know what we did in Canada when we wanted to get rid of the penny? We got rid of it. No drama, no fuss, no muss. We simply got rid of it.


And now to “free” healthcare. Now, you may have different opinions, and that’s fine. But one of the major things that irks me is, well, this guy.


In the States, he’s being touted as revolutionary, and as one of the most radical people to run for president. But, here in Canada, we had a guy almost just like him (Tommy Douglas) fifty. years. ago.


And, we have had plenty more politicians rise to the top job here in Canada that have had very similar policies to Bernie. Yet, in the States, he’s a big deal, because he’s so revolutionary. And the sad thing is, that’s pretty much true. The States have been so backwards it’s not even funny, you’ve got a guy that’s basically like most Liberal and NDP politicians in Canada since about the 1930s being touted as the new, most revolutionary, and one of the most controversial politicians the US has ever seen, and then on the other side you’ve got a literal orange. Which, not to inflame any arguments, is a pretty staunch nationalist.

I know this got a bit rambly, some things probably don’t make sense, but fuck it, I wrote this on a whim.


To paraphrase, I think America is quite backwards and a bit insane. Y’all always say how people in countries like North Korea are extremely brainwashed and backwards (which, they are, very much so), but in all reality, it doesn’t seem like America is much better off. I’m legitamately afraid that it will turn into some sort of dictatorship if Trump wins, god help us all.

I don’t think all Americans are like this either, mind you.

Anyways, Americans, nothing personal, love y’all, love the country, love a good bit of your people, and you’ve done some great things. But man, sometimes, you gotta look at the bigger picture.