i’m finally over 145lbs!

My entire life I’ve been the skinniest twerp-iest mofo you could imagine. I was 5'10" (5'11" depending which store i was walking out of) and under 130lbs at one point. I decided to start trying to build some muscle and get out of the shape I was in because frankly, it was borderline anorexic and that isnt a good look on anyone.

Start of the semester, I started going to the gym. mon, wed, fri evening and sat morning. 5 laps, 10 minutes machines/weights, repeat 3 times. Get home and have a protein shake. Mainly focused on back and chest because I will need those for my motorcycle ride back to toronto at the end of april.

today, I crossed over to the heavy side of 145lbs. FINALLY. Filled out a little bit and 100% have more core strength and endurance then before.


the SVXR for your time