Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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Worried about First Psychiatrist Appointment Tomorrow: Updated

I’ve been seeing a psychologist, but seeing my GP for meds, I’m worried about the appointment.

I ’m worried and scared about being involuntary committed when I tell them I have suicidal thoughts.


It’s also really hard for me to trust people enough to open up to them about my problems and feelings and it can be really draining. I’m supposed to go to work after my appointment and I’m worried about the stress and anxiety compounding with my depression and just shutting me down tomorrow. Plus I’m worried about it so I’m probably not going to be sleeping much. I’ve also been having moments where I can’t control my racing thoughts and it feels physically and mentally painful to endure them and I just want it to stop but can’t. It’s really terrifying to go through and realize that I can’t control it.

Update: I went the guy seemed pretty cool, I had to answer and explain what was going on for about 45 minutes and then he gave me a plan involving new meds and what to do if there were side affects and we scheduled a follow up. Overall a much better experience than what I was worried about and hopefully the new meds help.

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