I'm currently in a tough spot. I've had it at my current job bagging groceries. The new supervisor has caused two of us to quit already and I'm about ready to be the third. I've been job hunting and have gone on two interviews already. Both really liked me. One, a server at the local country club, has the problem of few hours and be very very strict; but I make tips and am a good server. The other was for a competitive grocery store being a cashier. I just don't like the way they run anything at all and she said that set schedules are nonexistent. I have an interview on Monday at the local Cadillac dealer being essentially a receptionist. Great hours, easy enough, and stupidly good pay. I just have the massive disadvantage of being a male; and even they were a little uneasy at first about the idea of a male doing the job. What do I do?

I don't want to keep bagging groceries. I really need to leave because of the supervisor and some stupid thing with another coworker. The longer I stay, the more hours I get so it needs to happen soon because I'm about to make a scene with this terribly rude supervisor.

I also have a fallback being a server at the retirement home where my first job was. They said they'd take me back in a second.

So, I have like 4 things lined up, just nothing guaranteed. I just know I can't keep doing what I'm doing now. Please help me a little bit here.

I'm like 99% ready to put my two weeks in tomorrow. Have the letter typed and ready to go....