I'm used to their anti-Cardinals circlejerk by now. I get it, they hate Cards fans. Whatever. But this is a bridge too far. Those stuck-up pigs didn't grow up around St. Louis; some of them have probably never even been there. They don't know the history behind the unfortunate racial tensions in this area. Relating this all-around bad situation to baseball trivializes the deep-rooted problems we deal with here, and presenting this as a reason to hate the Cardinals shows just how ignorant and tasteless the Deadspin staff are.

Furthermore, they seem to imply that St. Louis is the only city suffering from racial tension. Perhaps it's the most visible right now due to the Ferguson situation, but this is a nationwide problem that affects the hometowns of many baseball teams. But I guess it's OK to ignore that when it's time to roast the Cards for the 14354th time.

You may think that Gawker and Jez are the only sites on this network that suffer from sensationalist hivemind mentalities, but that's not the case. Deadspin is just as bad, only they hide behind the convenient facade of sports. I tend to overlook this because I often find them entertaining, but not anymore. I won't be giving Deadspin any clicks for a long while, not that it matters.