A ‘32 Coupe for your time. Ok so last night for 4th of July my friend, girlfriend, and I went to a party, I drove. My friend’s friend was hosting the party, who I had never met. We get there, and it was nothing but a bunch of bros (there were only F-150s and WRXs out front). I soon noticed that the only drinks there were alcoholic and there was a few people passing a blunt around. I stuck it out for about 15 minutes, but then I was getting uncomfortable and my parents were at a family friend’s party across town, so I ran it by my GF (who was uncomfortable because a few of the guys were eying her up) and I told my friend I had to get going. He decided he wanted to stay, despite me being his ride. I told him I probably wouldn’t be back, and he decided to stay anyway. He then texted me around 9, asking me if I’d be back and I said no, as at that point I was back home 30 minutes away (with summer shore traffic, especially around seaside heights, that can be adjusted to 2 hours).

Now despite him taking me to an alcohol only party with a buncha creepy bros and saying he'd stay even though I said I probably wouldn't be back, I feel like I abandoned him. There's been past things he's done that probably makes me more than justified, yet I can't shake this feeling. Help me out here.