Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

Whelp, more drama.

It seems our little Oppo has come under more unnecessary drama. It seems to occur once ever 2-3 months as of late. While I feel the NSFW posts that led to this probably aren't necessary on Oppo, I don't have a problem with them because they don't effect me in anyway. My day was likely the same as it was before that post was just a mere thought. I don't like when Oppo becomes this way. It makes it feel unwelcoming. As much as it's supposed to be a car blog I welcome the idea of it being more than that, more like a community, a family if I may. I've met some wonderful people there. It has gotten me back into one of the biggest passions in my life that went away for a while. I like that if someone is having personal issues and feels confident enough to post about it, people will help them out as much as possible. Also the light hearted banter that occurs daily is nice. Lots of amazing people there. I hate to see the community torn apart over such silly little things.


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