Is the smoke detector working?

What will change?

This friday, women across Mexico marched to raise awareness about violence against them. Crimes like rape, domestic violence, and gender motivated homicide have been on a steady rise since December. In Mexico City things turned a bit more personal.

When four police officers were accused of raping an underage woman in Mexico City, the local government failed to properly investigate, losing key evidence, and even leaking the name of the victim to the public.


They also failed to suspend the officers until late in the investigation.

This, along with other allegations of rape by police officers, caused vast unrest in the Capital. On Monday a group of protestors broke into the DA’s office and vandalized the building. The government’s response was chilling; promising to identify those who did it(This was before the accused officers were suspended)...this caused more unrest.

It finally came to fruition on Friday, when a larger group of protestors vandalized the headquarters of the police, a police station, the Angle of Independence, and a BRT station.

30+ people resulted injured during the protest, and a journalist was knocked out by a man that was later chased down by the women protesting.


I don’t give a shit about the property damage. What I honestly wonder is if anything will change. The days after the protest weren’t of honest reflection about the issues women face in this country, but of childish complains about the - comparatively minimal- damages caused during the protest. What we learnt was that this society is far from understanding the hardships that many women go through every day. What little catharsis the march offered to those who attended was lost on the later responses by the government.


The mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, responded that many investigations were opened about the injuries and damages that occurred during the protest. Saying “In these cases, there can by no impunity.”

What everyone else wondered, however, is if there is a case where there should be impunity.


But what I wonder the most is, what the police women deployed in the protest were thinking as they guarded the police stations?

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