Nothing serious, but before it gets out of hand I should probably re-iterate some of the rules. One that needs to be highlighted is the re-posting of things on the CL. Discussions that start in the CL need to stay here. The reasoning behind this rule is that certain topics can be discussed here that can't be discussed in many other places in the Kinjasphere. The last thing that I want is for the CL to ruffle feathers (more so than it already has) because some people can't tolerate the concept that other people on the Internet might engage in the free exchange of ideas that they do not agree with or that they find "offensive".

So far only the letter of the rule has been violated. Posts and comments re-posted from the CL so far have either been non-controversial in nature or related to the blog it was re-posted onto. The reason why I put the kibosh on any re-posting from the CL was because it was simply easier to do than than to write out a complex set of guidelines about re-posting. I know that it's rather annoying and somewhat handicapping, but it makes life easier for all of us in the long run.