At some point in history a great writer once said, “...scissor doors. It’s about time those became more common on mass-market cars, because we’re all going to die someday.” Oh wait. That was Jason Torchinsky, today. And it’s a profound statement not just because we as humans are terrorized by our own mortality, but rather, that more mass-market cars need scissor doors!

So Torch’s ranking of Scion cars got me thinking. What was that brand truly missing? Where did they go wrong?

Other car makers offer blistering performance. Others have world class luxury. Some are extraordinarily practical — everyone has their niche. But Scion was a brand that encouraged vehicle modification, yet it never really took off. They gave us the blank canvas we needed, but nothing else. And in retrospect that really sucked.

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Like a bum with preliminary change in his cup, Scion should have offered cars that came pre-modified. But only just a little. Just enough to get the ball rolling. The tC needed to come stock with scissor doors.


So, going back to the original question. What cars should come stock with scissor doors, but don’t?

If anyone can name a better candidate for a gimmick like scissor doors, you’ve got my attention. But if the best car is the Scion tC, then we may have found the true reason for the demise of Scion: They didn’t present their culture of modification the right way. They lazily told us to do the work ourselves, in the aftermarket.