Is the smoke detector working?


I went out to socialize the last 2 nights for the first time since my unfortunate scenario. And I did well with keeping track of my drinks. I was in control and it felt great.

Oddly, I did attract the attention of another inebriated woman. At least this time, I was able to get her to where she wanted to go without someone tripping.

Yes, it sucks being the nice guy. But I have 3 sisters and I was raised to be a gentleman. So there was no way I would skirt my duies as a man.


...ok, she was tempting. But when she has 4 kids and is engaged to a man that is about to be on work release from being in jail for a year and lives 20 miles away...*sigh* there is only so much you can do to positively influence someone without being “that guy”....

...I’ll get over it [...still a man].

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