Is the smoke detector working?

Well, the 6 way E30 is a big mistake.

Well, I have partnered with 5 of the most flawed people within this drift car project. I want to get out of this, and just spend my salary on my own life. Initially, the group of 6 people (and we are only united under the Top Gear Club, which is probably going to collapse as well) included A) Me, B)M C) H, D)S, E)K, and finally F)T. We drove out to Pismo and bought the car. The two drivers (me and M) came back with our own individual speeding tickets. The car was only paid with 3 people’s money (Me, T, K). One problem there.

Annoyingly, on the second day, M the idiot decided to bring this jaw popping level of stupidity when removing the Airbox, filter, and attempting to remove the MAF. Failed. He removed all but the latter. He later drove it through torrenting rain and almost hydrolocked the engine. He tried to put a crap eBay pod filter on a square mount. I insisted this logic will not work. He insisted it was JDM and since it was a drift car, we wouldn’t need the airbox or air filter. (I cried internally)


People are working on this and already gained access to the throttle body and then dumped coolant on it. People aren’t even consulting the most basic information on the internet.

This is a 325e with 130 original hp. They want this to be a drift car. You have to DEFY logic to get this to work the course at Sonoma Raceway. In fact, you probably have to be dreaming. This car is neither capable or able in its current state to do said things. We need an engine swap. None of us has the money for the engine swap. I’m in my senior year and I’m leaving for out of state shortly in the fall.

Now I see myself embattled with people shit talking on each other’s drivign and imaginary plans for “who is going to be the club’s driver”. THE CAR HAS MINISCULE AMOUNTS OF HP. AND THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT REBUILDING THE ENGINE. No matter what, the engine rebuilt isn’t going to help at all. 130 ponies? Psh. We need more. Almost none of us know how to actually drift (except for the 2 people who claim to, and I find that horse shit). We have actually had to bring another snot nosed junior who actually knows a hoot about cars to insert logic.

I have discovered I hate almost all my 5 cohorts. I want to get out of this project and just stick with my original plans to put a few nice seats in the Matrix for autocross. Now I find myself broke, in debt for a speeding ticket, and in this clusterfuck. And I made some horrible comments that referenced someone’s death. Fuck. I’ve dug a huge hole for myself that I can’t seem to find myself up.


People are investing money into this left and right. I have tried to maintain order. I even had to field a phone call from H’s mother about H not coming home at night to work on the E30. I get the passion is there, but there risk no one seems to understand.

Even better. It’s registered under my name on the pink slip registrationt that hasn’t been transferred from the original seller. Yay. People are driving this car left and right with no registration or insurance. I’m in some nice liability when someone fucks up.


God fucking damn it.

I actually have thought of something called a “plan”. Swap an e36 M3 motor into the car with all the M3 electronics. Get H’s dad to weld cage in. Find trailer.


But that needs money. 3000+ from what it looks like. Everyone thinks the 325e engine is magical and can do lots of things without large amounts of money. It can’t. Even we barely have the logic and skill to make this thing work with a swap.

Maybe I’m the most flawed. But unfortunately Haggard Garage values have crept in and emulation of the acts/intentions are in motion.


Sniff. *Snuggles into bed, looking at dog pictures*

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