Is the smoke detector working?

well that was awkward.

I just told a friend I might not be able to donate blood cus I’ve had sex.... it’s odd.

Friend: TAE, we need some blood donations, I’ve been looking for months

Me: I’ve never done it.

Friend: I mean, if you don’t want to, I’m not trying to pressure you into doing it


Me: Erm... I know I know... I just feel like a douche bag for not doing it even though it’s been two years since I legally can.

Friend: Well check the requirements.

Me: *reads them*

Me: I can’t... Apparently you can’t donate blood if you’ve had more than one sexual partner in the last year

Friend(suspiciously): Oh okay... well... damn. But it’s probably to make sure people with AIDS don’t donate

Me: What?

Friend: I’m certain you don’t have them.... I mean unless those were one nighters


Me: Three women.... I knew all of them beforehand.

Friend: No need to detail!

Me: we’ll call them (hospital) tomorrow and ask about that.

Friend: oh... okay.

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