I’m heading up to Northern NH with my wife and kids....and sister-in-law.... and my mother-in-law. I’m fine with my sister-in-law, and it would be great if her boyfriend came along, but the problem is there is no boyfriend but there is a girlfriend, and I believe she is coming. I’m cool with that, its just not the same as having a dude to escape with. then there is my M-I-L. We get along but a week is a long ass time to be around her. Also making appearnces are possiblly my brother-in-law but he moves that week so at the most its just a day of two he’d be there with his GF. The M-I-L female friend make join for a couple days and M-I-L just dumped her BF so its me and a bunch of chicks. In a high school boys mind that probably sounds awesome but in real life I”M GUNNA FUCKING LOSE IT. Her’s a couple pics from the last trip to NH with a buddy of mine.