Turn Down For WATT.

About an hour before the NFL Awards show, and I have come to the realization that if JJ Watt does not win the NFL MVP Award, it will be a high crime and travesty. He had an historic season. Not a good season, not a great season, not even an outstanding season. An HISTORIC season. A better season than LT had in 1986, when he was the last defensive player to win MVP.

The argument about his team making the playoffs is old and tired. The Texans were in the playoff hunt until literally the last five minutes of the season, when the Ravens beat Cleveland. If you claim that Rodgers deserves it, ask yourself: did he have an HISTORIC season? No, he did not. Outstanding, yes, but not historic.

I will either be screaming for joy tonight or screaming curse words at the TV. Here's to JJ, the best player in the NFL (no matter what the vote turns out to be).