On a serious note, I'm actually kind of upset. That said, I was going to break up with her anyways, so I guess that means she did the hard part for me (still hurts like a bitch, though). I've already stated the issues we were having yesterday, so that back-story is there.

After rehearsal today, I told her I needed to talk to her. She said she did too.


Uh oh, my mind says. *Bracing*

"There's no easy way to say this..." FUCK! I immediately knew where she was going. I agreed that it was for the better, and she walked away.

Apparently she hasn't felt a connection lately, but only God knows how long that's been the case. She did at the beginning, but I don't know when it stopped. We do have different interests, so her statements are not completely unfounded. However, she was making deliberate excuses to not hang out or talk lately, so she's not entirely without blame.

I did what I think is the gentlemanly thing, by sincerely wishing her the best of luck in everything she does and explaining that I will always be here if she needs someone to talk to. She responds with "As will I." Ha. Just like everything else she's been saying before today: fatuous, overly concise, and meaningless. I can't imagine this hurt her too badly.