I’m sure most of you saw in the sidebar the Gawker Story titled “Should this cop have lied to these kids whose parents just died?” Well I read it and saw a lot of hate and anger towards the cop. But, I was on MSN and found this article titled “Georgia Trooper Cares for 4 siblings after Halloween Tragedy”. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Gawker article goes on saying how the officer got permission from his superior to hide the truth from the children. From the article:

The children’s next of kin, their grandmother, had been promptly informed of the parents’ death, but she was in Florida, seven hours away. With his superior’s approval, Bradley decided not to tell the children that their parents were dead until she arrived the next day.

But the MSN article has a very different story:

Their closest relative, a grandmother, Stephanie Oliver, lives in Florida. With her permission, Bradley didn’t tell the children, ages 6 through 13, the news. Instead, he treated them to food, movies and a sleepover at his patrol post.


Huh. The first one makes the cop look like a guy trying to protect his own feelings. The second one has him being a hero and following the grandma’s instructions.

Whereas Gawker makes the cop look like a bad person, MSN makes him seem like a hero and a great person for protecting and serving his community.


This here is the issue with the news now: who do you believe? Anyone who just sees the Gawker article may not see this in a positive light. I mean, just look at some of the comments. But the MSN article makes this officer a great person and the comments are praising him for what he did.

Makes me wonder who to believe.