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Venting about politics.

It’s local stuff, so it’s not controversial.

Today an asshole called Victor Hugo Romo took office to be my mayor in Miguel Hidalgo. He won fair and square. But he’s still an asshole. He was a terrible mayor during his last period and it saddens me to see him return to the local government.


Mexico City became a state, and the boroughs became cities. Because of a quirk in the law Mr. Romo will be able to serve his post as mayor again. Fuck this dude.

Our former mayor is Xochil Galvez, she’s a member of the “conservative” party, PAN. She’s a decorated businesswoman and an engineer. Her primary objective on her post was to reduce real estate speculation, increase community outreach, and provide better transportation within Miguel Hidalgo. She had to clean up behind Romo’s mess. Romo famously let everyone build past the building code regulations, never took care of temporary hotels (AirBnBs) and made a fucking mess of Presidente Mazaryk; the most prestigious avenue in Miguel Hidalgo. Many stores had to shut because the street remained under construction for months on end, with lots of cost and time overruns and he never actually did what he wanted to do: to move the electrical wiring underground as opposed to above ground on posts. But he won, again. Now he returns to the same office except now he can endebt the city.

He entered office with 44% of the vote in 2012 and by 2015 his party had been undercut by fourteen percent. As such the candidate from the conservative party won the borough. He won this year with 42% of the vote, beating Margarita Fisher (The would be successor of Xochil) by 3 points. We have a short memory span it seems.


But I should be happy... this means I’ll have more job security at the developer and since he’s from the same party than the Chief of Government, it means my city will be given more resources as opposed to cities like Benito Juarez, that were won by the opposition party. It just feels odd knowing that we’re going to be given an unfair advantage because of the colour of their party flags. 

Still, I hope for the best. Maybe he learnt something about being a mayor in the time he left. Maybe he didn’t. I wouldn’t be able to tell until 2021 when the midterms let us hopefully elect a new mayor.

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