Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?


As usual the media in general and a certain website in particular that may or may not be the host of the entire Kinjaverse paints a very vocal but only single part of a community as being the entire whole of that community. It’s like saying that the only Reddit community that exists is /r/stormfront and everything else you might see is just a figment of your imagination, or that right here in Cigar Lounge we officially endorse #NotAllMen.

Yes there are a lot of assholes on /r9k/ but not everyone, just like not everyone on Reddit wants to burn crosses. Then again /r9k/’s reputation is so burned, even on if not especially within 4chan itself, that honestly I can’t blame people for thinking this and defending them any further might not exactly be the wisest use of my time or reputation so I’ll just leave it at that.


...but wait, wait, hold on, I just figured out a way how I can add to this without risking being associated with rape denial culture (hopefully).

IIRC /r9k/ started as a literal joke, poking fun at an xkcd comic poking fun at 4chan (I can’t find the original comic for some reason and I really don’t want to waste all my day looking through the archives so just take Know Your Meme’s word for it). Then from at some point or whatever it more or less became the general life and dating advice board for little guys to ask how they can quit being beta and be more alpha. Well, two things happened:

1. Really, the whole concept of alpha culture, alpha culture worship and aspiring to alpha culture is really just douchebag culture, and the belief that women only value men for how douchebaggy they can be and the men who fucking buy into this shit, which naturally leads to how to be a douchebag, so things were kind of doomed from the get-go.


2. Instead of handing out actually useful life and dating advice people either fed them exactly the douchebag tips they were looking for, or just flamed and trolled the “betas.”

It’s actually a really interesting microcosm for why alpha worship is so destructive. I guess in some ways it’s the same conclusions Jay’s article reached, but eh.


Anyway, the last point is that I just want to point out how this illustrates how frustrating it can be to solicit advice anonymously on the Internet and why a lot of people just end up feeling discouraged about asking for the help they want or need. People ask anonymously because they don’t want to be put in a box and just want to work out advice that might actually apply in their lives, but when they actually do seek out advice anonymously, they get put in a fucking box anyway and it leads to fucking ridiculous shit like how to get hot babes who will go down on you at the drop of a hat as long as you act like a despicable fucking moron who needs a punch to the face. If that’s what it’s becoming then being FOREVER ALONE starts becoming a fucking correct moral choice and porn and sex dolls become a better alternative towards actually having sex, seeking out hetero or same sex relationships of romantic and non-romantic natures that are now fucking impossible because the whole societal culture-geist is fucked up beyond repair, and reproducing the human race because we’ve now proven Rust Cohle to be correct.

Ok, rant over.

Also, man, I forgot how many fucking Rust Cohle quotes there are out there.

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