I read somewhere recently that with all the accusations and takedowns of guys like Harvey Weinstein and other powerful/public male figures, none of it or not nearly as much of it would be happening if Trump hadn’t been elected.

It seems the election of Trump has galvanized feminists and many other women to start pushing back.

But that made me wonder... During the election campaign, there were at least 12 women who accused Trump of sexual harassment or worse:

If it’s ONE guy I would think the Feminists and other women would attack and take down for sexual assault/harassment, it would be Trump.

Yet some women who call themselves feminists voted for Trump.

So... now I’m wondering how all these other guys can get taken down by sexual harassment/assault accusations, yet Teflon Don is still in the White House.


Or is it just a case of Trump’s number hasn’t come up yet... but will be coming? Maybe it’s being timed for the mid-term elections next year?

And conversely... I wonder how effective would it have been if all these accused guys just doubled down in an assholish the way Trump does and accused the accusers of lying, being on drugs, being criminals, etc and saying it’s all fake news?