As it turns out, the panel that informed the wild paradoxical “the only way to be trans in the military is to not be trans” ban is not impartial! Surprise! The lack of reasoning finally makes sense...

Remember kids, the GOP’s official 2016 platform promised rolling back trans rights as far as possible, so this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Author’s Note: ThinkProgress may be harder left than even Splinter, however their handling of LGBTQ news is usually top notch and reliable.

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He sent Mattis and the Pentagon to investigate transgender people in the military. Let’s be frank here, these recommendations essentially ban *all* transgender people from service. Let’s break down Mattis’ recommendations.

Fresh off the press yesterday:

In a memo to Trump dated Feb. 22, Secretary of Defense James Mattis — citing a panel of expert’s “professional military judgment” and his own professional judgment — recommended the following three policies with which Trump concurred:

1: “Transgender person with a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria are disqualified from military service, except under the following circumstances:


(99% of every trans people have a “history of dysphoria”...That’s...kinda why we’re trans??)

(1) if they have been stable for 36 consecutive months in their biological sex prior to our accession;

(This one is reasonable)

(2) Servicemembers diagnosed with gender dysphoria after entering into service may be retained if they do not require a change of gender and remain deployable with an applicable retention standards; and


(So, if you happen to get dysphoria during service, you can’t do anything about it and it better be very light dysphoria.)

(3) currently serving service members who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria since the previous administration’s policy took effect and prior to the effective date of this new policy, may continue to serve in their preferred gender and receive medically necessary treatment for gender dysphoria.”

(Mattis has claimed that there are about 9,000 trans people in the military, only 937 of them were diagnosed since Obama’s directive. So, the military will realistically only support these 937 and kick out everyone else.)


2: “Transgender person who require or have undergone gender transition are disqualified from military service.”

(Okay, so I can understand that first one, but why post-op? That’s when dysphoria is at its lowest or is completely eliminated. Isn’t that what the military wants??)

3: “Transgender person without a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria, who are otherwise qualified for service, may serve, like all other service members, and their biological sex.”


(So basically just the (very) few trans people out there who don’t want to transition and don’t have dysphoria.)

It’s clear these recommendations were from someone who likely didn’t even interview a trans service member.

This will ban essentially all trans people from the military as very few trans people could ever reach the requirements of both having no dysphoria while not having transitioned...I mean, that’s kinda what being trans involves.


This would be like saying the military would allow gay men if they really weren’t all that gay.

Honestly, this will certainly become “don’t ask, don’t tell, trans edition” if the courts don’t block it again. Though this time since Trump has Mattis’ backing, the courts may let it stand.

If the courts let this stand, the **worse** damage will come from the public image of transition and whether trans people are even fit for society.


The public image of trans people already isn’t that great and this will be a whopper of a hit. Modern transitions have a high success rate and a high rate of satisfied trans people. There is nothing better for dysphoria for most trans people than transition. However, now if you’ve transitioned in any way or basically just exist as trans, you cannot serve in our military. This doesn’t bode well for people like me who actually live this life and can tell you that for most of us, dysphoria really isn’t as crippling as cisgender people like to make it seem.

This is going to give fuel to those who wish to dismantle the trans primary care I depend on daily and further fuel the couple decades of progress trans people lost since Jan 2017.

Strap in, this wild ride isn’t close to being over.