Is the smoke detector working?

Today has been a Unicorn

A unicorn farting rainbows, no less. A day that financial advisors young and old have heard mythical stories about, but have never actually seen. What made it amazing, you ask? Light up that stogie and read on.

Last night, I had a pleasant meeting with a client, a prospective client, and one of their (our) friends. We sat, smoked nice cigars, and discussed worldly topics like football, business, investments, and cars (specifically, ultra high performance GT-Rs and 2,000 horsepower Lambos). That was nice.


Since it was a late (11pm) meeting, I took an hour of the morning to play with my two year old. After I dropped her off at her daycare, I got a call from a lawyer that I work with, and who forwards clients to me. He said that he has a $5 Million client coming my way in a couple of weeks. This is a VERY good account.

I walk into the office and immediately get a call from a client. He didn't complain about the down day the stock market was having. Instead, he informed me he was sending me more money to invest. A very sizable chunk. Alrighty then.

As soon as I got off the phone with him, I raced to a lunch with a business owner that I know. We chatted, laughed about some things, just a nice lunch. After lunch, he tells me that he's sending me a large six figure sum to invest. He asked for the paperwork ASAP. I didn't ask for the account, but I wanted it. He gave it to me. Hell yeah.

I came back to the office, amazed. Glassy-eyed. Happy. But then I get another call from another client who needs to rebalance his portfolio. He said he was thrilled with his account and wants to meet me this Friday, possibly to refer me another account.


I've had better days bringing in more money than what I did today, but only a couple. What made today a Unicorn Day was that EVERYONE SAID "YES". That never happens. Ever. The rule of thumb here is, for every 99 "no's", you get 1 "yes". That sounds depressing, but it's the rule of large numbers. Somehow, I got four "yes" answers without a "no". And BIG "yes" answers.

I'm going home now, but not before I buy a lottery ticket.

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