Today Mexico City had three protests, one was organized by some “teachers”. Which leads me to the issue of CNTE and SNTE: The biggest cancers in Mexican society.

I am speaking of course of the National Coordinator of Educational Workers, CNTE, and the National Syndicate of Educational Workers, SNTE.

Although CNTE was born of a group of crazy people from SNTE, both want basically the same thing: To fuck the country over.

Full disclosure: I am in favor of unionized workers and shit, but all these people are self engrandizing assholes that use my tax money to march in Reforma rather than to educate the children of the nation. If it was up to me these people would have their fucking ^&(#(@&)*# s taken away because *muffled scream*


Today the more extreme group, CNTE decided to march in Mexico City, with help from teachers of Durango. What are they marching about? Well, officially they’re marching because they will not be paid for marching, and if absent for more than 3 days without justification, they will be fired.

Yeah, I know right, such a struggle.

Now, who started this mess? Mr. Double Chin here, also called Aurelio Nuño, a Mexican historian and cabinet member of Enrique Peña Nieto, he was the chief of staff before becoming the secretary of education.

This man is close friends with Peña Nieto, and although I can disagree on a lot of things with them, I think that his role at SEP was vital. He was basically there to piss off CNTE who was angry at the education reforms that PRI, PAN, and PRD signed into action a few years ago.


In this reform, highschool was made obligatory, schools were made full time, yada yada yada, no one cares about that! What angered CNTE is that now teachers would be tested for proficiency and the process of removal would be made shorter, it also outlawed the sale of educational posts, which is still happening in some places of the country.

Nuño once fired, in a single day, more than 3,000 teachers for participating in protests against the new law. You might think that was unreasonable, but wait until I explain.

These teachers had failed to attend to class for more than four days, they weren’t even protesting in their home states! What CNTE did, using public money meant for children, was to bus in close to 15,000 teachers to Mexico City and fuck up Reforma Avenue for a few weeks.


I haven’t spoken about SNTE have I? Well, this is all I need to say.

Given that we spend around 5.5% of our GDP on education, one of the largest expenditures of the OECD, our education system should be incredibly better, but again, these people fuck it up.


Obviously the law has some flaws set into it, like control of funds taken away from SNTE so that more money goes to infrastructure and not necessarily the union, or for that matter, the teachers. It also has a universal evaluation, which is fine by me because I’m an asshole in a city where most speak two languages and pretend to know how to pronounce croissant correctly, but in places like the Tarahumara ranges where you’d be lucky to have a paved street, well, any teacher would do good, and this evaluation could rid many areas of teachers in the first place.

However, how can you have empathy for people like this? It’s hard, and what the people over at CNTE don’t understand is that no one in Mexico City will have empathy for them. Their protests are long, loud, and filled with people who give a flying shit about our streets and cover them with trash. If you make our commutes 30-50mins longer because you’re a lazy asshole that doesn’t want to do their job, and who rather than negotiate, and take legal action against the law, decided to use public funds to go and make a mess here as children in their home states go without an education.... then we won’t like you.

We don’t, no one does.