Is the smoke detector working?

This whole France thing has me re-evaluating my priorities.

It seems that the traditional free world may not exist for much longer. We might as well be living under an Orwellian state, what with CCTV everything and the NSA. The free world has also become pussified. You can’t state your opinion, of which you are entitled to, for fear of hurting some special Snowflake’s feelings. These snowflakes are also pushing boundaries to eye-rolling extremes (WTF is demisexual?) and have insane double standards (a funny meme of Jesus is offensive, whereas calling all Muslims terrorists is okay). In response to this Orwellian state and the pussification of the free world, I’ve decided to grow a pair and not apologize for offending others or for who I am. You don’t have to like me. You just have to stay the hell outta my way.


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