The last time I bothered to really see a football game in its completeness was back in 2012 before I had cancer and I learned what real priorities are. As far as I can see being a fan of a football teams means an excuse to act like a douchebro and proclaim how much that other city you’ve never visited in its life sucks and how much its residents suck based entirely on the ability of a single man to throw a handegg and a bunch of other men to stop that man from throwing a handegg. Also, lots and lots of annoying bandwagoning and celebration of flavor-of-the-month “sports heroes” who often times (big shock) act like douchebros in their private lives.

Like when I made a post about how much I think Russel Wilson is overexposed and the overwhelming response I got were from people living in Seattle who said I should get over it because SEATTLE IS THE GREATEST CITY ON EARTH WHOO-HOO THE REST OF THE COUNTRY WHERE 98% OF THE POPULATION LIVES SUCKS BOW DOWN AND SUCK ON SHERMAN’S DICK YOU DICKWAD!

No, no, I’m not going to say that the Seahawks are the greatest team on Earth just because you happen to live in Seattle and I don’t. I know I’m going to get a lot of responses saying exactly the same thing as last time and they’re just going to remain greyed forevery (or dismissed into the ether of nonexistence outright). I would say I’m putting this up just to let you know to not waste your keystrokes but I know you still will.

Anyway, enough picking on Seattle, I just hate the NFL and everything it represents period. You know that thing where I said people are turned off of motorcycles because of the specific lifestyle images pushed onto the general perception of motorcycle culture? Yeah the same thing has happened in the NFL and its fandom too. Yes, I know not all NFL fans are idiot douchebros who worship the latest woman-beater to make the news (and that domestic abusers represent less than 1% of the NFL Players Union) and again to give Seattle a fair shake not everyone wants to shove other people’s faces down into their Russel Wilson shrine and make them kiss it (even though the vast majority of mass media personalities who don’t even visit Seattle want to) and I’ll even straight up flat admit Marshawn Lynch is one of my most favorite players in the NFL (he’s basically the Kimi Rakkonnen of the NFL) but the prevailing image of the NFL fan matches depictions of early man in French cave paintings.

Anyway I’m beating up on the average Joe way too much, really the one person who should get the most verbal attacks is yeah, duh, that asswipe Roger Goodell. The reason why the NFL is perpetuating the douchebro image is because that’s seriously what Goodell thinks of the average American, so he thinks it’ll fool the average American into freely giving him even more money by just encouraging their most base behavior. Really, Goodell thinks exactly the same of you as Donald Trump.


But anyway, that’s just my opinion and why I’ve just been burned out of the NFL since.