This is the best coffee I have ever had in my life, and I desperately enjoy great coffee.

This place opened up this year in Buffalo, NY and they seriously do have the best coffee around.

Admittedly I have only tried the "Revolution" Espresso blend, but now that this delivery has made it to me; I can't wait to try them all. This place roasts everything in relatively small quantities and it's exciting to find it. When my wife placed our order the other day she received an email from the company (can't remember the guys name though) letting us know they'd be roasting this coffee fresh and then sending it all to us the same day.

I also appreciate that these bags are full 1lb bags vs the 12oz bags most other brands sell. Ever since we found this place we brew coffee at least once a day (if not multiple times) and rarely ever get coffee out. I use a metal filter in my coffee maker and get the best drip you can find.

Even Alton Brown stated that this was one of his favorite Coffee Stops on his Good Eats 2014 Tour, and that it is the best pour-over coffee in Buffalo, NY. If you are a coffee fiend, enthusiast, or what-have-you, you will greatly enjoy this place!