Is the smoke detector working?

This is the type of shit Gawker Media lives for, right?

Not trying to stir up shit or make fun of Gawker Media, but rather make fun of this guy for being a complete embarrassment and creeper on Twitter. Read on for more.

I ran into this one guy randomly during the All-Star Game hubbub. Claims to be the CEO of “Biosphy Real Estate” in LA (despite his Twitter tag being “JimmyInSEA”), his bio reads seriously as Linkedin. Of course the actual company’s site comes up blank.

So what does the CEO of “Biopshy Real Estate” engage in on Twitter? Apparently shit like this:


I can go on like this.

So yes, obviously, we have a real winner right here. But that’s nothing compared to his long, drawn-out heated argument with multiple people that got kicked off when he asked for nudes from a 17-year old Disney Channel actress:


Oh man, and you thought all the Reddit drama was bad. Well, it is, but at least this is hilarious in a facepalm-worthy fashion.

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