As an aspiring man’s man I try to be able to fix things myself, know the outdoors, and in general not be a whiny little punk or soft in anyway. But I gotta say, if I end up being half as tough as this badass, I will have been a great success as a man. Alex Van Bibber, you were a bad ass.

“Alex Van Bibber was probably the toughest man in Canada.

He was born under a spruce tree and he went to school at age 13 by piloting a log raft down the Yukon River.

One time, already well into old age, the veteran trapper was demonstrating a powerful new steel trap to a classroom of his peers when it suddenly slammed shut on his wrist, shattering his watch and sending pain shooting up his arm.

Without blinking or missing a beat, the trapper turned back to the stunned class and said “Now what are you going to do? You’re caught in your own trap. You have to get out because you can’t go home because your wife will laugh at you.”


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