This being the latest egregious example.

I read Jez often for selected content, same with deadspin. But adequate man seems to be a sub where men are told how to behave in moderately humorous circumstances, fine, but now they’re not even trying to hide the cross-post angle. Jez runs Minaj stories all the time. Maybe second only to Swift stories. But that’s okay, that’s Jez, that is among the many things they do. Jalopnik really likes Miatas and Teslas. Deadspin likes Adrian Beltre (but who doesn't). But this is like... what?


Selfies are not sport related. Or man-related or at least centric. Nicki Minaj is not sports related. Or man related. This is supposed to be a off topic sports sub targeting men... An explicit share would have been less awkward than an article written just for AM. But it still wouldn’t make sense.

And now the Concourse is running another piece on Caitlin Jenner’s show. But didn’t The Morning After just do one like yesterday? Why not just share here too? At least, at least, she is vaguely sports related... But there is already no shortage of CJ posts on gawker...

Semi-related. Half of deadspin’s front page is shares and ads, and more shares. I have to DIG for sports-related content it feels.