So apparently there is Youtube page called The Young Turks. I just found out about them and I am appalled they chose that name. It claims to be the "World's largest online news source." It is an American liberal/progressive host by Cenk Uygur.

What is appalling about this news organization is the name. The name Young Turks denotes the Young Turk movement in the early 20th century in the Ottoman Empire. Regardless of if this is the connection Cenk Uygur was trying to make it is the one that prevails.

The Young Turk political movement that in 1908 overthrew Sultan Abdul Hamid. The political movement sought to solve "Armenian Question" in the Ottoman empire. Over 1 million Armenian Christian people were killed during this time period. The human rights violations the Young Turks committed against the Armenians were in my mind equal to those committed by the Nazis. The Armenians were considered so inferior that one could not waste ammunition on them. Instead to kill the Armenians, the Turks and specifically the "Special Organization," would march women and children, naked in the desert where the tempter could reach 115 degrees. During these marches the Armenian's skin would peel of from severe burns. Furthermore young Armenian women would be crucified on the cross. However unlike a normal crucification the Armenian women would be skewered on the cross. The point of the cross would enter through their vagina.

I could frankly go on talking about the atrocities of the Armenian Genocide but I will spare you my rant.

That is the name Cenk Uygur chose for his news organization. If you ask me it is like naming a conservative news organization The Nazi. I am appalled. They have almost 2 million subscribers on Youtube. Or to put it another way, twice the number of people the former Young Turks exterminated. Now I want to make it clear I do not think the news organization is an extension of that original movement. Nevertheless choosing that name to represent a community it both horrifying and in poor taste.

Am I crazy for being upset at this news organization or is my angst valid?

We cannot stop talking about the Armenian Genocide. It needs to serve as a reminder of the power propaganda and fear can have on minority populations. And just so you know Turkey still to this day refuses to acknowledge this event and denies that the event occurred. It is a criminal event to discuss the genocide in Turkey.


Here are a view links to get you started if you want to know more about the Armenian Genocide. Be forewarned however it is gruesome stuff.ā€¦