This is my grandfather’s truck. It’s a Chevrolet Cheyenne (Silverado); it has an LS and the Z71 off road pack, single cab. Probably ten years old.

He bought it because he’s a sport shooter, and he wanted a truck that he could take into the wilderness of Veracruz and San Luis Potosi in order to hunt.

But he never used it for that... Instead the truck was lended to a charity ran by a friend of our family (originally set up by my grandmother before her dementia was caught); it was returned to us this week by the charity’s remaining workers. It has been used primarily on-road but it has served to transport people to and from rural areas to Mexico City hospitals for surgery related to diabetes... it has helped countless people... yet it was bought with such primordially selfish intentions.

But my grandfather never used it for what he wanted it. and now it sits inside my apartment building... where his stupid Passat sat for six months. It gives me a sort of nostalgia this truck, because it just showed up at times when I was with my grandparents, or at their home. But other than that... it just sits there, waiting for a task.