Each of the men in the picture represent widely different ideologies and served in office during very different times in US history. I didn’t agree with the policies of some of them in levels ranging from slight to oh, hell no. But I can’t say any of them is really a bad guy. I could point to each of them to my kids and say, “That’s the President of our country and you should respect him.” That respect comes from the understanding that they are doing what they feel is right.

With Trump and all of the sour things he has said about a wide spectrum of people, the things that are pretty well documented that he did and the way he treats people, I don’t feel I can say that. I’d sit down with any of the guys in the picture above, have a beer and talk. With Trump I don’t think I would take him up on that offer right now. I’m not even getting into his politics. I’m talking about him as a person.

Not to get all Maude Flanders, but I can’t tell my daughter that Trump is someone she should look up to. And before anyone puts it out there, yes I know about Clinton and the cigar, and no, what went down there is not cool either.