Are any of you familiar with The Streisand Effect?…

Do any of you think Peter Thiel is familiar with it?

Anyway... I just read Nick Denton’s “How Things Work”

And I’m left wondering... will the Streisand Effect happen to Peter Thiel over the Gawker lawsuit?

The wacky US legal system that allows for ridiculous monetary awards and the idiot judge who upheld the ridiculous award also deserves a few unintended consequences.

Personally I think Judge Pamela Campbell deserves to have the nickname The Gawker Killer pinned on her and have it stick for a looong time.

I hope the Streisand Effect comes back to haunt Theil, Pamela The Gawker Killer Campbell and the Hulkster.


While Thiel talks about privacy, there is a very fine line between being a true advocate for privacy and being an advocate for censorship that favours the wealthy and powerful.