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The Saturday College Football Thread

Welcome to the place where we (if you're reading this, you're in the group) chat about dat college football going on. And boy oh boy, ARE THERE SOME BIG GAMES GOING ON TODAY!!!

First, this is Red River Rivalry weekend. The University of Texas plays Oklahoma University today in Dallas' Cotton Bowl. The crowd is half Crimson, Half Burnt Orange. The teams are always ramped up, and you can throw these teams' records out the window. It'll be a good one.


Drive down IH-35 a bit, and you'll get to Waco, where two BIG XII unbeatens will go at it. Baylor and TCU will be playing, and expect it to be a big ass Christian college dog fight.

Get off on Highway 6 in Waco and drive for about an hour and a half south and you'll come to College Station, home of the Fightin' Texas Aggies. They're playing Ole Miss in Kyle Field today. This should be an interesting game, considering A&M lost a shocker to Mississippi State last weekend, and Ole Miss won a shocker last weekend against Alabama.

Other games around the country (in CST):


What will you be watching? Who are you rooting for? Which teams/players are you pissed at? It's okay to razz other members in here today. I'll start:


C'mon, Horns!!! For the love of GOD WIN!!!!! Strong, if you don't win this game, your legacy might be tarnished forever. WIN. JUST WIN!!!!!!!

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