Yup. J.J. Watt beat out Tom “Purse Holder” Brady and Aaron Rodgers to become the first defensive player to top the NFL’s Top 100 list. Why is this a big deal? Because, unlike the NFL MVP Award, this one is voted on solely by the players.

With HBO’s Hard Knocks featuring the Texans in a few weeks, there will be a number of people rolling their eyes as they overdose on Vitamin J.J. And I get it; you can be watching a Chiefs-Raiders game, and it feels like the commentators are still talking about Watt. Sunday commercial breaks are filled with equal parts Discount Double Check and Watt dancing for Comcast. Hell, in the past 24 hours, two of the three biggest NFL stories had to do with Justin James. Being sick and tired of the Watt Show is understandable.

But the big man just got voted NĂşmero Uno in the NFL by his peers, and that a big deal.