Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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The least-worthy Gofundme requests I could find...

I was thinking about how so many Gofundme requests are bullshit. And that got me thinking about the least-worthy Gofundme requests I could find. So here is what I found:

1. Money for legal fees for a backyard gun range that probably should never have been approved in the first place.


2. A 27 year old stripper who wants $50,000 to get help. Though she doesn’t exactly say why she needs $50,000 or what it will be used for. The photo leaves me with the feeling the money will just be used for partying.

3. A woman who wants to get custody of her kids back... but whose story doesn’t add up if you think about it and consider the timelines. She got separated in Feb 2017. It takes at least a year for a divorce to be final in most places. So it would have been final earlier this year. In that time, her Ex got 3 girlfriends who magically all work together to manage his house. But in spite of having 3 girlfriends, he still does lots of drugs and booze AND is still looking for more sex online. And in less than a year, she totally got her work shit together AND met a guy AND got married.



4. Fund a movie that looks and sounds like it will suck.

5. Money so she can have confidence. And the only way for her to get confidence is with breast implants!


6. A 25 year old mother with 3 kids whose priority in life is... getting breast implants.

7. Money to hire a prostitute. 

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