Is the smoke detector working?

The GF situation...*sigh*

Alrighty... so 2 weeks ago, my GF told me she doesn’t want to be BF/GF anymore. And now I give you all a relevant meme:

After talking more, we french kissed for a while... LOL.

After she left, I wasn’t exactly happy given the mixed signals.

So, to get my mind off of things for a while, and since it wasn’t too late, I walked over to a local bar to watch some live music, have something to eat and had one beer.


Had a nice time. Started talking to an older lady who, funnily enough, was having the same types of problems with her boyfriend.

We were comparing text messages and had a purely friendship-type conversation. I wasn’t looking to pick up anyone.. and I didn’t.

Then the hot looking bartender and one of the bus boys got in on the conversation as well.

It was a good evening. The not-GF was texting me... making sure I was okay.

I told her I was fine... telling her where I was and what I was doing.

Of course me talking to other women (even ones I’m not at all interested in physically) made her jealous.


The next evening... got together with the non-girlfriend girlfriend.

I wanted clarification given the mixed messages.

Well, the evening discussion started with her saying we will only be friends and no sex (because I directly asked her whether it would). But she still wanted to cuddle.


So we talked more. Then cuddled. Cuddling turned to sex. I spent the night.

So we were back together. And her words didn’t match her actions again.

In the week that followed, she tried to frame it like she didn’t really break up or try to break up with me. I wasn’t buying it.


Last Monday we had another talk.

Now my GF tells me that she wants to ‘go back to just dating’... which means we would both be open to dating others. And we’re not spending Thanksgiving together (I’m in Canada... Thanksgiving is in October).


And her reasoning is that it will ‘help us to get to know each other better and so she can be more sure about us’

I think it’s bullshit.

My guess is the truth is any, some or all of the following:

  • she wants to date some other guy
  • this is some sort of childish ‘test’
  • It’s some kind of play for control
  • She’s hoping I’ll miss her and agree to marry her (she’s been talking about marriage and how she wants to get married again at some point in the distant future)

This kind of relationship bullshit is what I’d expect when dating at the high school level... except that my GF is in her 40s, divorced and already has kids... like me.

What she doesn’t understand is this ridiculous game playing just makes me care less about whether we stay together.


But I guess that will “prove” to her that I’m not “the one”.

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