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Welcome back to The Cask! This is the fourteenth edition of The Cask and I welcome you back to review another fine whiskey! If you missed the previous editions of The Cask, check it out here with a link to the past editions (there’s a couple other posts mixed in too, you’ll notice my consistent lead image):

Past Editions of The Cask

This week we’ll be taking a break from Michigan Whiskey for St. Patrick’s Day! I normally dog on Jameson a bit so I thought I’d try one of their higher level, different whiskey’s.


Even better they’re using a process with this Caskmates that’s very similar to what my favorite bourbon New Holland Beer Barrel Bourbon is doing by finishing this whiskey in beer barrels.

So Jameson is using a local brewery’s Stout barrels. It’s awesome that distilleries are taking these chances, I love that they’re doing it. Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan of the stout flavor blending with the Irish Whiskey flavor. It appears on this one it’s really about a personal taste because a buddy of mine tells me he loves it.

Price: $32.99 - Mid-range

The price of this Speciality Irish Whiskey actually seems pretty fair. I have no complaints about a special edition Whiskey from a successful mass producer just a hair over 30.


Quality: Sipper - 3

If you remember from the last edition of The Cask, here’s the way I do the rankings, 1 being the best.

  1. Sipper
  2. Rocks Sipper
  3. Ice Sipper
  4. Mixer

So there it is, I say this one was a bit unfair. I just thought it was....weird. These 2 flavors together didn’t work for me. Like I said, I told my buddy I wasn’t into it and he was shocked. This just continues to prove that whiskey is a personal taste thing. While I’ll sit here and say it’s terrible, someone will go in the comments and tell me it’s great. I hope you all know these are personal reviews and they reflect what I THINK about the given whiskey. I have to say I’m damn happy I still had some Donegal on hand to switch over to so I could really enjoy my St. Patrick’s day!!


I hope you all had a great St. Patrick’s day and you have a great weekend!

As always let me know what you think, what you want me to drink, and what you’ve been drinking! Have a great weekend everyone!

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