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Welcome back to The Cask! This is the fourth edition of The Cask and I welcome you back to review another fine whiskey! If you missed the third edition of The Cask check it out here:


Today we're going to discuss a Bourbon Whiskey for the first time - Big House Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

So let's talk a little about what "Bourbon" is. Purists believe Bourbon should only be distilled in Kentucky with natural "Iron Free" water from Bourbon County. This is a battle that's raged for a long time, and points quite commonly at Jack Daniels - which of course is from Tennessee. Jack Daniels technically could be labeled as a Straight Bourbon Whiskey because of the regulations below, but they won't even claim it, simply marketed as Tennessee Whiskey. There are a few requirements set by US Law as what constitutes Bourbon (and these laws only apply to Bourbon sold in the US and Canada). They are:

  1. Must be produced in the US
  2. Made from a grain mixture that is at least 51% corn
  3. Aged in new, American charred oak barrels
  4. Distilled to no more than 160 (U.S.) proof
  5. Entered into the barrel for aging at no more than 125 proof
  6. Bottled (like other whiskeys) at 80 proof or more
  7. It must be aged for a minimum of 2 years.
  8. No coloring or flavoring may be added to Straight Bourbon Whiskey

So why did we cover that much info about Bourbon? Well, to be honest, a lot of people don't have any idea how Bourbon is different from other American Whiskey. It's a lot easier to say Scotch and people instantly associate it as "oh yeah, Whiskey made in Scotland", same goes for Irish and Canadian.


"MontegoMan - Enough with the Bourbon lesson! Does it taste good?!" Is I'm sure what you're saying by now, so, on to the ratings!

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Price: $22.99 - Inexpensive

As far as Bourbon's go, it's one of the least expensive you can find. The only bottle I can think of for less money would be Jim Beam at around $18 a bottle.


Quality: Ice Sipper - 3

If you remember from the last edition of The Cask, here's the way I do the rankings, 1 being the best.

  1. Sipper
  2. Rocks Sipper
  3. Ice Sipper
  4. Mixer

So part of my quality ranking is a bit skewed on this one, and I admit that. The flavor of Bourbon isn't my favorite. That doesn't speak to this Bourbon though, but all of them. For a true Bourbon drinker, I feel the quality of this could easily be a #2. For me? I need some actual Ice to turn to water with Bourbon. This is good Bourbon and a good price for it. It's actually my first recommendation when someone is looking for a Bourbon to try. Also, it has a nice friendly 90 proof (45% abv) vs your typical 80 proof. It's smooth, it's strong, and it is definitely not short on flavor.


If you're looking for a nice Bourbon - I will definitely recommend Big House Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Anything you'd like me to review for The Cask? Let me know in the comments!

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