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Welcome back to The Cask! We’re going in a different direction today and I’m going to list my Top 5 from the 20 reviews I’ve done so far.

If you missed the previous editions of The Cask, check it out here with a link to the past editions (there’s a couple other posts mixed in too, you’ll notice my consistent lead image):

Past Editions of The Cask

So unfortunately I don’t have a new review for you today, but after 20 editions of The Cask I felt it was time for a recap! With no further delay I present my favorite 5 whiskey’s I’ve discovered during this journey. I made sure that all 5 of these are under the $40 budget cap I’ve given for The Cask (which cut one whiskey from the list as I broke the rules once!).


First place

Goes to Alberta Rye Whisky - Dark Batch which surprised me with it’s complexity, depth, and amazing smoothness.

If you remember this earned a 1 on my 1 through 4 scoring system.

Price was approximately $30.00. This Whisky is the perfect definition of what I’m looking for on The Cask. It was complex and delicious without costing a ton of money. $30 seems to be the sweet spot.



Second Place

In a very close second place finish is Eagle Rare, Kentucky Straight Bourbon. You guys did it, you turned me into a Bourbon guy. Eagle Rare earned another #1 ranking from me.


The price came in just above $30 a bottle and like I said above, that’s the sweet spot. If you can find a really quality bottle of whiskey for around 30 bucks you’ve got it all figured out.

This is definitely me favorite bourbon right now.


Third Place

I have to say that I had the idea to make a top 5 list weeks ago and I never thought Donegal Irish Whiskey would fall this far. I love Donegal, it’s by far my favorite Irish Whiskey (that fits the budget) and with another #1 rating it’ll tell you how much I truly enjoyed the other two above it!


It was a tough choice between Donegal and Teeling. I only went with the Donegal because it fits more into what The Cask is about - Great whiskey at a great price. This bottle is right around $25 and in that price range it’s untouchable.


Fourth Place

When you guys told me to go start enjoying Scotch I didn’t think I’d hit it out of the park on the first bottle. This quickly became a staple and one I always want to have around.


Speyburn 10 Year may have only earned a 2 but it’s really amazing for that $30.32 price tag, honestly I have trouble finding a great Scotch under 40, I’ve got a couple on the list to try soon but Scotch is not a discount beverage that’s for sure!


Fifth Place

Last but not least we have a second Canadian Whiskey to round out the Top 5. Legacy Small Batch - Canadian Whisky is one of my favorite Whisky’s. I even had it featured on the Untitled Car Show Podcast with Ike when I was on (He liked it too! Check it out!)


So this is another that makes it on the list with a #2 rating. Why? Well I stand firm on the fact that this is the best bottle you can buy for under $20. Sure you’re only a penny under but I can’t find this quality anywhere else.

Well, besides making the backsplash in my kitchen famous I sure hope you guys have enjoyed my reviews on The Cask. That being said, I think at least for the summer months I’m going to be scaling back The Cask to either bi-weekly or a monthly post. We’ve got a big summer planned and to be completely honest, this is not a cheap endeavor purchasing a bottle to review every week. Unfortunately the distilleries have not yet decided to send me free whiskey to sample for reviews!


What do you guys think? Is every other week still a good frequency?

As always let me know what you think, what you want me to drink, and what you’ve been drinking! Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy some whiskey!

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