Is the smoke detector working?

Thank you, Beverly Hills

For ruining the place I used to call home. Used to.

I left a comment on the Gizmodo article about the last time I visited Folsom Lake. I was walking out to the water with my RC car. Before even reaching the water, I took out my phone and opened Google Maps. I was in the middle of the damn lake.

I’m not that quick to judge. Of course there are more factors to the record-breaking California drought that we can’t control. That being said, the entitled fucks living in Beverly Hills practically siphon what little water the state has in its reserves to keep their brobdingnagian lawns green. Meanwhile, in Sacramento, we were being fined for using our sprinklers during the 53-day-long dry spell. We couldn’t even get water in a restaurant without requesting a glass, as an effort to preserve water.


And lest we forget Nestle, and their inhumane business strategy of stealing what should be a basic human right and selling it back to us. The fact that they bottle water in California is just adding insult to injury.

A couple months before I left the state, TWO cities in California had no water. None. Zero. Zilch. Not even a drop of it.

In September of 2014, I left California for Oregon, and I didn’t even stay there for long, I later moved to Washington where I am now, where water is more plentiful.

I’m honestly beginning to worry for Californians. It seems that soon, their once pristine, lush oasis will turn into a hot, dry desert.

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