After reading a post by MontegoMan582 on the Teeling Irish Whiskey.

I'm not great at writing reviews but here goes.


I thought I'd give it a try. I've been an Irish whiskey drinker for some years and know there are a few companies I've never heard of or heard of but never been able to afford. Teeling falls into the first category and after MontegoMan582 glowing review on the drink I had to get myself some. This is where I found the Single Grain whiskey on offer and thought hey why not.

I looked at the Single Malt which was a little more expensive again but the postage from Northern Ireland to England was a little high so went back to the single grain idea.

Now as many woman will tell you, you don't buy a new outfit without buying a few new accessories to go with it. Hence me treating myself to one of these:



Great if you like your drink chilled but not watered down as the ice melts (it's also something a little different).


After allowing the steel ball to freeze for two hours in the freezer it was time to sample the product (actually I tried some earlier on, as you do, in a glass straight up and it was fantastic).

The whiskey to go by MontegoMan582 review;

Price: medium high, £38.80 (on offer at £33.33) USD$50.70 (on offer at USD$59.13).


Now that is a little higher than regular whiskeys and whiskies on sale in the U.K. but very much worth spending that little extra.

Quality: 1 Sipper.

  1. Sipper
  2. Rocks Sipper
  3. Ice Sipper
  4. Mixer

Again using MontegoMan582 guide, I'd grade this as a sipper. No ice or mixing is required or even desired as it's such a smooth whiskey as it gently excites the tip of your tongue on first taste softly warming the back of your mouth and throat. There is nothing at all harsh or abrasive is this drink.


I really rate this drink as a nice everyday/occasional drink (I'd drink this everyday if I could) with only the price making it more occasional than everyday.