I always thought it was hypocritical about how Canada, the US, et al, meddle in the foreign affairs of other countries because they are "non-democratic" and "repressive"... while at the same time we have friends like China and Saudi Arabia.

I attribute this mainly to the typical game of politics and power politicians play and it's just the way of the world

But today I heard this little news story:

And I have to say that something like this has been a long time in coming.

In a nutshell... Sweden's foreign minister wanted to give a speech on democracy and women's rights... to the Arab League... LOL


They objected to this (surprise surprise). They also didn't like how she observed that the Saudi's approach to crime and punishment was "medieval"... which I would say is an *accurate* observation.

So later that day, Sweden's defense minister announced that a deal to cooperate on intelligence, surveillance and weapons manufacture, as well as supplying weapons, was finished.


Of course Swedish *business* leaders were opposed to this. But for everyone else? There is a lot of support for a move like this.

This a very interesting and rare moment where you see politicians putting principle ahead of business and politics.


And I'm wondering now if any other countries are going to grow a backbone (as far as principles go) and follow Sweden's lead.

At the end of the meeting, the Saudi ministers made a statement "Sharia has guaranteed human rights and preserved people's lives, possessions, honour and dignity. The ministers consider the comments as irresponsible and unacceptable."


LOL... Sharia guaranteed human rights? Really? Even for people who are gay? Or how about those who are not of the Islamic faith? What a load...

Anyway... I'm gonna be watching how this plays out with great interest.