Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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Stupid lump

About a year ago we discovered something in my right lung while doing an x-ray for unrelated reasons. This was followed over the past year with some scans and was deemed to be an AVM - basically an artery that got malformed and then feeds directly back into a vein. In the lung it's actually quite rare, but much less harmful than in the brain, where these usually occur. It grew some over the past year, so action needed to be taken.

Yesterday I went to the angiography dept at the hospital for a procedure to block off the malformation and return everything to normal. The procedure went well but, when they got the wire threaded up to the malformation, something wasn't right. They did some quick scans and determined that it's probably not an AVM.


Instead of a 3-hour therapeutic procedure and a return to normal healthy status, we're back to square 1. This is immensely disappointing. I'll have a high-res CT scan in a couple of days to get a better sense of what it might be. There are a number of possibilities, some less wonderful than others.

For the moment I'm feeling calm - no sense worrying about it just yet. I'm just tired and, as I mentioned, disappointed.

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