Before I say anything, let me say this; I know what I did was the most idiotic thing anyone can do behind the wheel and anything you can say to berate me for it, I am doing to myself three times over. Today I felt a little cocky and decided it was a good idea to overtake someone and then turn right. Lets just say I came within a few feet of a fire hydrant in front of my neighbors house.

I had a good day driving. I didnt grind once, every shift was perfect, and when I couldnt find a spot on the top level of my schools parking garage I was able to traverse down to the main level in reverse with the most elegant finesse. It would be an understatement to say that after that I felt over confident.

Now, as automotive enthusiasts we tend to put ourselves a cut above everyone else in driving skill and due to this fact its very easy to get too confident and screw up. I am making this post for all the new drivers out there that consider themselves enthusiasts like me. STAY HUMBLE, Its the hardest thing to do but it will save your life. Its something that I struggle with every day, and its a concept that we all need to grasp.

Now, I got lucky with this one. But I'm seeing it as a wake up call. This is the stupidest thing I have ever done behind the wheel and had there been a cop to see what I did, I would take whatever punishment he had for me with pleasure because I am very disappointed in myself for that. I hate myself because I did it, I hate myself for how I looked to other drivers and I hate myself for the damage I could have caused.

I'm glad I had this wake up call before I did something I couldnt take back. Ive heard stories of what people did in the first year that they had their drivers license and I hope to break that statistic. But so far, its not looking good. Lets hope that I can keep in mind what I learned today from here on out.