Is the smoke detector working?

Speculation on who the "I am part of the Resistance" writer is... Imagine if it turned out to be Melania Trump?

Regarding the NYT:

I was reading this and was thinking that with this administration, it’s one shocking/unthinkable thing to the next.


Given Trump’s behavior, I’m not surprised there is a resistance like this.

But I was wondering who the writer might be. And then I was wondering what would be the most shocking revelation... and one name popped into my mind.

Melania Trump.

I mean... she obviously doesn’t love him anymore. Hell... there has been plenty of video evidence that she doesn’t even want him touching her at all.


Though I don’t think it’s likely. I think she’s too weak to do anything like this. But if it is her, it would be pretty mind blowing for a number of reasons.


Honorable/Possible names that would be almost as mind blowing... Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump in particular because her father’s actions resulted in ruining her ‘Ivanka’ brand and having to shut it down.

And I think she’s a lot like her father... which means she’s all about money and attention.


Who do you all think would be the most shocking name to be associated with the “I am part of the resistance” write up?

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