Is the smoke detector working?

Some of the President's men.

What will the President know, and when he’ll know it curtesy of the new “Business assessors” that will help Obrador avoid an economic disaster... Supposedly. These people are just members of the Mexican elite who will have the President’s ear... The list isn’t exactly a liberal’s dream.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego. Net Worth: 8.5 Billion

Salinas Pliego is Former President Carlos Salinas’ brother and also the owner of TV Azteca, one of Mexico’s largest media groups. He’s also the owner of a predatory lending bank, Banco Azteca, and owner of Elektra, a shop that is also predatory.... on the poor.


Bernardo Gómez. One of the key executives at Televisa

You know, the same owner of Univision who is going to shit? well apparently he’s worthy of being in the advisory board... It obviously has nothing to do with Televisa being the other big important Mexican media giant.

Olegario Vázquez Aldir One of the key leaders of Excelsior newspaper

Now, this one is personal, he’s the son of Galician expats like myself. He manages the Grupo Angeles chain of private hospitals, the newspaper Excelsior, and hotel chain Camino Real. Note that they own a newspaper.


Carlos Hank González Net Worth 2.1 Billion

He’s one of Mexico’s richest men and the son of a prolific politician of the same name. He currently heads grupo Hermes and Banorte; one of Mexico’s remaining nationally controlled banks.


Daniel Chávez

He’s the founder of Grupo Vidanta; an important construction contractor and hotel chain managing firm that had 750,000,000 dollars in revenue last year!


Miguel Rincón

He’s a board member at Banamex, one of Mexico’s largest banks and also the owner of a paper factory...


Sergio Gutiérrez

An old-school oligarch from Monterrey, known for exporting (literally) tons of steel everywhere


Miguel Alemán Jr

Descendant of a former president of the same name, this person has taken onto a new life as the owner of Interjet; a Mexican airline, and Grupo Aleman... Said group tried to buy the troubled company Oceanografia after the huge fraud they made with the Federal Government years ago.... he also had an important part in Televisa some years ago. 


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