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So sick of Jezebel's (The world's) shit.....

Ready for a disorganized rant?

Let's put the Garner case to the side for a moment, because I hate that it keeps getting bundled in together.


If you don't attack a police officer and resist arrest, you won't get shot. But when you get shot after you attacked a police officer, people shouldn't be surprised. It angers me so much that so many people are willfully ignorant about the Brown case and still are using it as an example of racism in the police force. I 100% believe that if a white man attacked a police officer inside of his car, he would have been shot too.

Another thing I'm sick of? Police hatred.

Are there bad police officers out there? Yes. Does that mean that every officer is a terrible, racist person who has gone through a long, arduous process just so he can go out on the street and shoot black people? NO!!! It angers me so much that people refer to cops as one group. People saying things like "Cops don't care about black people." It's such a generalized statement it's hilariously ridiculous. If people stopped to think for JUST ONE SECOND rather than being uneducated and following the majority of idiots, they'd realize that there are African American police officers too. They'd also realize that police officers aren't like one giant force who think from one brain. Police officers are PEOPLE. They have individual thoughts and opinions, but apparently that doesn't count for anything anymore.... And for some strange reason because of this, it has become okay to say "Fuck the police" and "Cops deserve to die!!!" As if because someone spent a long time working to become a police officer so they could protect those in their community, their life no longer has value because ONE idiot shot a 12 year old and another choked someone.


By the way, the case with the 12 year old and Garner were ridiculous, but Garner shouldn't have resisted arrest. The force used was still way excessive and he should have been indicted.

But PEOPLE. THE WORLD. THINK FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND. DO SOME READING BEYOND THE HEADLINE! DO 5 MINUTES OF RESEARCH ON GOOGLE. One of the main reasons why the Brown/Wilson case became so big was because people were just reading the headline (No, I don't mean the literal headline, I just mean that's how they saw the story). All they saw was "White cop shoots unarmed black man" and assumed that was the entire story. Being really honest, I think the decision the courts made was exactly right for the situation. On top of that, I'd much rather have a police officer who had no other problems in the force survive by using force than a criminal who tried to harm and possibly kill that officer.


And now to JEZEBEL.

This biased reporting shit is so silly.

Of the 1,507 adults polled, 27% of respondents said that race was a major factor in the Brown decision while a delusional 48% say that race played no factor whatsoever.


A 'delusional' 48%? Jesus. Fucking. Christ. How about ONCE, just ONCE, Jezebel tries reporting something from an unbiased point of view rather than shoving their opinion down our throats?

You know what else I'm sick of? People going on about "Black lives matter" (which they do, by the way) and then the very same people saying that police officers deserve to die. You know what? MOST lives matter, not just the ones you decide do! Do black lives matter? Yes. Do other lives matter too? Yes. Realize it, learn it, love it.


On next week's rant, I attack militant feminists.....stay tuned.

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