Is the smoke detector working?

So much for that "no more austerity" Greek referendum... LOL

Well it looks like Tsipras isn’t a complete idiot and made a “new” bailout agreement that is pretty much the same as the old one that was voted down in that ridiculous referendum:

I was expecting this guy to continue being a complete idiot, not come to any agreement and was expecting, as a result, Greek banks running out of cash. He exceeded my low expectations. Yay!


As I said before, Greece WILL have austerity... it was just a question of whether it will be an orderly or disorderly one. It seems that now that they’ve had a taste of disorderly austerity (which the banks limiting withdrawals), making a deal doesn’t look as bad.

Of course this agreement means nothing unless Greek parliament ratifies the changes needed to keep up their end of the bargain.

Now it will be interesting to see if Tsipras still has his job a week from now. And we’ll also see whether or not the majority of Greek politicians show themselves to be idiots by blocking the needed changes.

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