A while I posted that it looks like I'll have to owe over 8 grand in medical bills from when I was hospitalized, and the bill finally arrived. I called their financial help line and they said that since it's already been processed by insurance there's nothing I can do about it. I know someone before suggested that I can try to negotiate down to the Medicaid rate of $1500 but I'm not sure how to do that, at least when they insist that there's nothing I can negotiate.

Also, I've just been feeling massively depressed already. I'm trying to get a teaching job without a license (which means mostly charter schools) but I haven't been able to get the energy to even send the applications out. Just today I've already missed one deadline. I suppose I should get off my ass and do that. But I'm wondering if maybe an entirely different line of work might be better suitable to me anyway. I have a lot of doubt if I can handle a classroom or provide the quality education my students really need.